Transmission Services in Edmond, OK

Is your vehicle slipping out of gear at random? Is it hard for you to shift and when you do, it feels like your gears are grinding? Problems like these generally indicate transmission issues. It’s critically important to schedule an appointment with Dwain’s Automotive to make sure you’re getting expert oversight and thorough transmission repair in Edmond, OK.

Our highly-trained individuals are no strangers to transmission troubles and can provide you with a full scope of services to help remedy them. From simple repairs to complex rebuilds and even full replacements, our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road in top working condition. Some of our capabilities of our transmission repair shop in Edmond, OK include:

  • Flushes: Transmission flushes are part of your factory-scheduled maintenance. Over time your transmission fluid can break down and debris can become present, creating the potential for friction. We perform flushes to ensure your case is free of any and all friction-causing contaminants.
  • Repairs: If your years have been grinding or your clutch plate needs to be replaced, we’re the shop to visit. We perform a full range of transmission repairs, to restore the integrity and function to this critical system.
  • Rebuilds: In the event of catastrophic damage, a full transmission rebuild may be in order. This invasive procedure needs to be handled by a well-trained professional to ensure no further harm is caused and that the rebuilt transmission is properly tested before re-installed on your vehicle.
  • Resealing: Do you keep finding red stains on your driveway or in your garage? This is a sign of leaking transmission fluid and signals the need for your case to be resealed. Our techs will restore your case to a completely sealed state, to protect the integrity of this closed system.
  • Replacement: A transmission that’s shot can be a major expense—and one that’s even more expensive if the replacement isn’t facilitated properly. We handle your transmission replacement carefully and thoroughly.

Not just any shop can handle transmission services. To guarantee you’re getting the best service possible for your vehicle and its transmission, trust Dwain’s Automotive. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 405-341-5612.