Auto Electrical Services in Edmond, OK

Though it may run on fuel and mechanics, electrical systems are still at the heart of your vehicle. Problems with your auto electrical can make for a wide range of troubles—including not even being able to start your engine! At Dwain’s Automotive, we’re here to make sure any auto electrical issues you’re experiencing are properly addressed and resolved.

Our capabilities span a full range of auto electrical repair in Edmond, OK. From your battery to your alternator, starter to lights and beyond, we work to deliver a scope of services you can count on. Some of our more general focuses include:

  • Batteries: A dead battery can render your entire vehicle useless. If you’re jumping a dead battery to no avail, it might be time for a replacement. We’re happy to test your battery and provide you with a reliable replacement. We can also clean your contacts and ensure hookups are properly functioning.
  • Starters: As the name implies, your starter is critical for getting your engine started! If there’s problems supplying power to your starter, your engine won’t turn over. We can diagnose problems with your starter and repair or replace it if necessary.
  • Alternators: Alternators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, powering the rest of your vehicle’s necessary electronics. Alternator problems can lead to other failures in your cabin and beyond, making them important to address quickly. We’ll repair or replace your alternator and ensure your other electrical components are maintaining their integrity.
  • Lights: From burnt-out bulbs to fuses and broken circuits, we lend out expertise to your vehicle’s lights, no matter what the problem is. We’ll make sure they’re shining brightly when you flip them on!

For more information about our capabilities or to have us assess and diagnose a problem with your vehicle’s electrical systems, please call 405-341-5612 to schedule an appointment today.